V-300 Excavator hydraulic vibratory hammer

V-300C Excavator mounted pile driver is always operated with excavator and installed on the front end of excavator. V-300C Excavator mounted pile driver is suitable for excavators of 25t- 30t. In addition, it can strike piles within 9 meters,if the excavator is refit, it can drive 12-meter length piles.

Technical Data

Model: V-300
Eccentric Moment (kgm): 5.3
Frequency (Hz/rpm): 43/2800
Centrifugal force (kN): 370
Max oil flow (lpm): 210
Max pressure (bar) 300
Size (mm): 1530*1360*1540
Weight (kg) 1745+588
Vice arm (Model/size/weight ) A200/2400*600*970mm/710kg
Excavator weight(ton): 25-30

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