Yongan machinery newly developed side grip vibro hammer for excavator.

In order to improve working efficiency in jobsite and solve the deficiency of excavator vibro hammer,  Yongan developed one new piling equipment for sheet pile driving, […]

Yongan YZ400 in the fifth bridge project of Nanjing Yangtze River

Recently, Yongan hydraulic vibratory hammer YZ-400 piling the the fifth bridge project of Nanjing Yangtze River, pile diameter 3.2M, pile length 49M, drive depth 20M. Yongan […]

DZJ-400 tandem vibratory hammer used in MAANSHAN Bridge

Yongan DZJ-400 tandem vibratory hammer is successfully used in Maanshan Yangtze river bridge MQ-3 section. This section includes North Tower and approach bridge over the river […]

DZJ-600 tandem electric vibratoty hammer in Huanggang Bridge

Huanggang road-rail Yangtze river bridge is the common channel for Wuhuang intercity rail and Huanger highway. A main span of 567m and the whole span length […]